What is interior design?


Definition of interior design:

It is a process of designing and planning internal and external spaces, and combining certain elements together to give an appropriate shape and preparing these elements to obtain an integrated and harmonious form in terms of size, color and shape. The occasion to make movement easier in the house and make you feel comfortable, relaxed and joyful, and this also includes choosing suitable lighting for it as well, so that you get an integrated and harmonious design for the house.

The difference between interior design and decoration:
Interior Design:

It pays attention to decoration and its aesthetic aspect, as well as to the structural capacity of building materials, their age, and the best shape for every detail of the house such as handles and drawers, but some things must be taken into account such as sizes and mathematical proportions of building patterns, finishing elements for walls, floors and bathrooms, their texture and appropriate colors Each room according to its nature.

The interior designer must be concerned with choosing the floors, the quality of the tiles and ceramics used in them, their shape, type and colors. The interior designer also chooses on the basis of the general aesthetic perspective. Therefore, the interior designer does not start work without obtaining the general plans of the site attached to illustrative plans, and the arrangement of furniture must be among the tasks The decorator must cover the windows in an aesthetic way that suits the degree of sun and shadows. The decorator must also choose the type of fabric for mattresses, sofas and bedrooms, and the appropriate number of meters for each room.

Interior Design:

Interior designers work to provide a distinctive shape for the finishing materials, and to choose a good quality that can withstand, and must work on choosing the most durable types of them, as well as putting sound insulation on the walls. As for the floors, the interior designer must choose the flooring materials that are suitable for the space, as well as They must not have combustibility, determine the distribution of bathroom sets to rooms, the optimum distances between bathroom elements, the securing of safety elements and the selection of surfaces that prevent people from slipping and avoid sharp corners that may cause harm to its users.

As for the furniture, the interior designer is able to determine the appropriate spaces between the pieces of furniture, which must then take into account the boundaries between them, so he distributes them appropriately in the house. In order to ventilate and prevent moisture and mold in the rooms, and the ability of this type of curtains to insulate sound and avoid fires.

The interior designer must be interested in making and presenting special plans for locating the lighting devices and switches for that, and the numbers and sizes of each, as well as the lighting effects, presenting the design idea and making sure to make it aesthetically pleasing of some kind to the place. He must also take care of health considerations in terms of the characteristics of internal combustion.

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